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Celebrating 15 Years of Sales Excellence

High-quality apartments and houses

Values of honesty, transparency, and fairness

Contemporary, solution-focused approach

Specialization in prime Berlin areas

Multilingual services

Connecting Berlin Properties Globally

Successful connections with investors worldwide

Realistic approach for precise calculations and forecasts

Collaboration with the Ten Brinke Group

Facilitating international sales

Contributing to showcased projects on our website

Your Trusted Financial Advisor

Over 20 years of experience

Independent financial advisor and mortgage broker

Proactive approach

Efficient communication

Expert in financing individual units and buildings

Legal & Accounting Expert

Specialises in tax law, commercial law, and company law

Provides advice on tax-related matters

Residential-property law and landlord and tenant law expert

Represents clients in legal proceedings

Multilingual services

Your Legal Partner in Germany

Offices in Berlin and Stuttgart

Specialized in international private clients

Free initial concultancy

Tailored for real estate investors and relocating clients

Comprehensive services in seven languages

Your Building Management Experts 

Rent adjustments and cost optimization

Streamlined invoicing and reporting

Repairs and maintenance support

Coordination of service providers

Customer portal with secure data access

Your Insurance Specialist

Your path to sustainable success and dedication

Building strong relationships through respect and transparency

Delivering quality with joy and commitment

Offering diverse range of insurance policies

Bilingual services

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