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We try to answer the most frequently asked questions on this page, and we will be constantly updating the list. Should you not find what you are looking for on here, let us know!

Please note that the answers provided here are not a legally binding addendum to your rental agreement – we try to provide general information. For specfic questions regarding individual units, contact us directly.

Finding an Apartment

  • That depends on how specific your search criteria are. But in any case, please get in touch via email, tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, where and how long you´re looking to move and give us an outline of the kind of apartment you want. You can also book an appointment in the office, either via email or via phone, of course.

  • Any apartment listed on Rentals page is free, please note the availability dates. We try our best to maintain the most up to date listings, but we may at times have a few apartments that have not been uploaded to the website just yet, so feel free to ask.

  • We would ask you to stay in touch yourself and ask for updates! But we do of course make notes on the applications we receive and if something new comes up on the portfolio that we might think is for you, we do reach out, too.

  • Our tenants have a one or a three month cancellation period, so we usually hear about people moving out between four and six weeks prior to their check-out date, sometimes of course earlier. You are welcome to ask for updates as often as you like, but please check the website first. Once every one to two weeks would be recommended.

  • At this point in time we don´t offer a custom broker service where you tell us your requirements and we go on the hunt for you. This is one for the future, but within our own portfolio, of course we will absolutely do our best to find you something suitable!

  • Yes, of course. We try to avoid renting apartments without viewing them first - for a multitude of reasons. We want to meet you and we want to give you the opportunity to see any place and the area for yourself to be as transparent as possible.

  • Yes, we make an exception and offer online viewings if the owner is happy for us to do so, but we prefer to meet you in person. 

Renting an Apartment

  • We need to see an official ID document, our tenant information form and so called proof of funds. Show us how you are planning on paying for the apartment, ideally that´s a work contract. We appreciate that our tenants come from a variety of different financial backgrounds. So whether you provide us with payslips, bank statements or a guarantor, we can make it work.

  • The rule of thumb in Berlin is that your income should be three times your rent. We absolutely understand that this may not be very realistic at times.  Talk to us, we will find a solution!

  • The SCHUFA is a German credit check and will provide us with absolutely no information about what you did in your previous country of residence. And if you just arrived in Berlin, it´s an empty piece of paper. If you have been here for longer, however, we do appreciate it as it shows us that you understand the German application process - and even though we try to handle things differently, that is a positive thing.

  • SCHUFA or previous landlord references (Mietschuldenfreiheit) are not a requirement, but if you can provide them, that helps when we get in contact with the owner to propose you as the new tenant. 

  • It is in everyone´s interest to proceed as quickly as possible when renting an apartment to you. Please understand that we represent owners from all over the world, so we may not always get an answer right away. Usually we hear back within 48 hours, and of course we follow up, too.

  • Absolutely not. As long as the owner of any particular apartment has not given us their ok, we will not ask you for money. Only when they approve will we contact you about payment - while providing a contract template or draft, of course. That can mean paying the full deposit in order to reserve the apartment - and of course you will receive a receipt and written confirmation.

Contracts & Terms

  • The minimun rental contract is 12 months, but no less than that. Please understand that we are looking for mid- to long-term tenants, who come here for studies or to work, not just on holiday. We explicitly do not rent out holiday homes, if that is what you are after, unfortunately we cannot help.

  • If the owner has no objections, you´ve kept the apartment in good state and you´ve paid rent on time, there´s no reason to say no.

  • Our contracts usually have a three month cancellation period, so you can get out with a notice of twelve weeks to your desired cancellation date. Some contracts are fixed term in which case all parties would have to come up with a severance agreement. Most of the time an owner will agree to come up with such an agreement, provided there is a replacement tenant and no vacancy.

  • That depends on apartment and contract. Most of our apartments come with furniture, internet and an allowance for electricity and and heating. We do have units on the portfolio, however that are rented unfurnished at a cold rent - so in any case, please read the advertisement and ask us if anything is unclear.

  • The contract will always be between the individual owner, represented by us, Berlin99 Property GmbH, and every person who stays in the apartment. We remain your point of contact for the duration of your tenancy for any queries or issues you may have. If you are a couple or you are sharing a flat, communication is key. Should your living situation change, all people on the contract remain responsible until we find a mutual agreement.

  • Yes, of course. Every person living in the apartment is legally required to register withing two weeks, although in some cases that is difficult, due to the authorities´ workload. Because hefty fines for both owner and tenant are in place, we cannot make any exceptions. If you click this link, you can book your appointment in advance.

During the Tenancy

  • The owners we work for in principal are not keen on pets. That being said, we have made exceptions in the past, where for example a higher deposit was negotiated with the owner. So if you have pets, it might be slightly more difficult to get the owner´s approval, but it´s not a definite exclusion criterion. All of our propoerties are non-smoking apartments, we ask you to please respect that. If the apartment does smell of smoke after you leave, we will unfortunately have to charge you for the renovation works. In general, every building has a set of house rules, which always include the quiet times between 10pm and 6am, as well as Sundays and on bank holidays. Most buildings house a wide variety of different tenants, from families to senior citizens to young professionals, so a certain level of common courtesy is expected.

  • Notify us, and then either replace it or ask us for assistance. Your contract includes a small repairs clause of up to 100€. That means the shower head, the lightbulbs or the kettle (if provided) you use on a daily basis are your responsibilty as they are subject to wear and tear. But if you need help fixing any of them, let us know!

  • No, we strongly recommend that owners do not provide these for sanitary reasons, only a mattress protector. In some apartments you may find a few towels, but please buy your own.

  • Built in with a fridge, yes, absoutely. Equipped, sometimes. We ask owners to keep the kitchen equipment simple, because every spoon we provide must be accounted for when you leave. Because we work with a multitude of different owners, not all apartments look the same, so please see the apartment in person and ask what´s included.

  • Depends on apartment and contract, but usually internet is provided. Speed ranges from 50mMbit/s to 1000Mbit/s depending on age of apartment and contract. Owners are asked to have it in place prior to a new tenant moving in, in some cases when we take on a new apartment, we have to order and arrange for it to be installed, which may cause a bit of a delay. If you would like to upgrade your lines, we can arrange that, but you are liable for the extra payment. Contracts are in the name of the owner, so our rental agreement includes a paragraph explaining that you are responsible for the way you use the internet in your apartment. If any charges incur due to illegal downloading or streaming activities, you are liable to pay the fines.

  • You are welcome to add your own furniture, yes. However, because the apartments are furnished, our contracts include a clause by which you need to ask for permission if you´d like to remove anything. This is because the entire inventory list needs to be accounted for and not every owner has a basement storage unit available. So before you buy that beautiful antique table you found at the flea market, make sure you speak to us, please!

Payment & Costs

  • Your rent is due on your move-in date. So, if you move in on the 23rd of a month, your payment date is the 23rd of every month. If your employer pays you on the 15th, the 1st or the last of the month, and that causes difficulties for you, we can arrange for a different payment date. The payment goes directly to owner.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, the deposit is always equal to one to three month´s rent. In some cases, owners may ask for a higher deposit, because the apartment was only recently furnished, is furnished to a very high standard, or you would like to bring a pet. The deposit is to be paid no later than five days prior to the handover of keys, in order for us to confirm the transfer. Please understand that we cannot hand out keys, unless the full amount has been paid. In some cases, you can bring the amount in cash, and you will receive a written receipt.

  • We charge a one-off administration and onboarding fee of 250€. That includes help with your registration, the registration of the broadcasting license and any consultancy queries you may have leading up to your tenancy.

  • Yes, the broadcasting license (Rundfunkbeitrag, formerly GEZ) of 18.36€ per month. We cannot pay this on your behalf, as it arrives in your name when you show up on the residential register. We will help you set up the payments if needed.

Leaving the Apartment

  • That depends on your type of contract. If you have an open ended contract, you can hand in your three month notice. A fixed term contract with an end date and no option to extend will cancel automatically.

  • That depends on your rental agreement. If you set up your own electricity and internet contract and there is no agreement that the following tenant takes them on in their name, then yes, you need to cancel any and all contracts you concluded in your name. It is vital that you do this, because a provider will not discuss contractual matters with us, due to the data protection act.

  • You will receive the apartment cleaned to a professional standard, so we expect the apartment to be returned as such. Our cleaning service starts from 25€ + VAT per hour.

  • By paying your last rent on time - we cannot and will not use your deposit as rent - by leaving the apartment clean and tidy, by removing all of your belongings and by cancelling any contracts you may have concluded in your name. If you leave the apartment the way you´d like to find it when you move in, there is no reason to withhold any funds.

  • We try to return the deposit within a month, provided that there are no outstanding arrears or open calculations that require more time. It´s your money and we will do our best to return it as quickly as possible.

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