By Jwaller - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

WB44, HH2L

1 room, kitchen, bathroom, 35m²

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675 €

This cozy studio apartment is located on the second floor of a typical Berlin Altbau in Spandau, ...

About this district

Spandau is one of Berlin’s most Western districts. It offers an old quarter and a beautiful citadel, know for its music festival, packed with beautiful architectural monuments. Rich with urban flair, it is surrounded by countryside, forest and fields – with farms, stables, inviting restaurants and marinas. Developed from an old industrial centre it is now a modern centre for the service industry with new shopping centres, hotels and restaurants. Spandau has a really authentic feel to it, as artistic and cultural development are less fast than in the Eastern parts of town, and therefore the urban landscape is only changing very slowly. If you want to experience the regular life of a old-school Berliner, Spandau is the place. Berlin99 has been offering furnished apartments in Spandau for years, and while the train journey on Berlin’s longest underground line U7 can be quite time consuming, it is well connected into the rest of Berlin and thus remains one of our hotspots, as value for money is almost unparalleled.

Tegel Airport:
20 minute drive or 35 minutes by public transport

Schönefeld Airport:
35 minute drive or 65 minutes by public transport

Hauptbahnhof Station:
25 minute drive or 30 minutes by public transport

Potsdamer Platz:
30 minute drive or 40 minutes by public transport

East Side Gallery:
45 minute drive or 60 minutes by public transport