1.3 What documents do I require to apply for an apartment?

We need to see an official ID document, our tenant information form and so called proof of funds.
Show us how you are planning on paying for the apartment, ideally that´s a work contract. We appreciate that our tenants come from a variety of different financial backgrounds. So whether you provide us with payslips, bank statements or a guarantor, we can make it work.
The tenant information form can be downloaded on the top of this page.
SCHUFA or previous landlord references are not a requirement, but if you can provide them, that helps.

1.2 Which apartments are available?

Any apartment listed on the main page under the section “Available Apartments” is free, please note the availability dates. We try our best to maintain the most up to date listings, but we may at times have a few apartments that have not been uploaded to the website, so feel free to ask.

1.1 How do I rent an apartment with Berlin99?

Depending on how specifically you inquire, whether you have one particular apartment in mind, you just know your general district, or you are looking all over Berlin, the process is the same.
Once you have decided on an apartment you would like to see, we ask you to fill out the tenants information form for every person looking to move.

If an apartment is empty, we will arrange a viewing at the earliest convenience. Please understand that we are a small team, so depending on location, we may not be able to show an apartment in the middle of the day. If possible, we arrange viewings for either early in the morning or in the afternoon.
If an apartment is tenanted, we will get in touch with the tenants and arrange for a date that works for all. Please understand that when arranging a viewing we need to take into consideration our tenants´ schedules.

When you have seen an apartment and you would to move ahead, we require your full application. That´s “proof of funds”, the tenant information form and your ID. Anything you can provide beyond that, helps. Letters from previous landlords/ladies for example are a great way to improve your chances. More details under 1.3.

With the info provided by you we will contact the owner and propose you as tenant. We do not disclose your private documents to them.
Once the owner has approved of you as tenant, we will proceed by arranging a sign-in date. On that day we will hand you the keys, document the state of the apartment and sign a handover protocol.

The agreed deposit and first rent are to be paid latest by the date of the sign-in date. Please note that we do not hand out keys, unless both transfers have been made. In some cases we allow a cash payment and provide a receipt on the day.