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Spacious 4 room new build perfect for the family

Grüntaler Straße 49, Berlin, Germany


4 rooms


The 3 bedroom apartment makes it perfect for families who need space. The heart of the apartment is the living kitchen area which leads to a terrace with play area. The additional wash room and WC make it a complete apartment.

The apartment is fitted with a high quality kitchen with island. The bathroom and WC are in touch with today's modern standards and all other fittings are tasteful in order for you to add your finishing touches.

The location is very close to Bornholmer and Gesundbrunnen S bahns on the cusp of Prenzlauer Berg.

The quiet promenade street enables you to escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin.

To summarize:

- 2100€ cold 

- 400€ side costs 

- 2500€ warm

  Excludes internet, electricty and GEZ

- 6300€ deposit payable in three equal monthly installments

- Berlin99 one off admin fee 250€

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Get in Touch!

Please contact the team at Berlin99 for more information.

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