Tenant Information

We try to answer the most frequently asked questions on this page, and we will be constantly updating the list. Should you not find what you are looking for on here, let us know!

Please note that the answers provided here are not a legally binding addendum to your rental agreement – we try to provide general information. For specfic questions regarding individual units, contact us directly.

The tenant information form, which is a vital part of your inquiry for any apartment, can be downloaded here

1. Rental Process

1.1 How do I rent an apartment with Berlin99?

1.2 Which apartments are available?

1.3 What documents do I require to apply for an apartment?

1.4 How quickly do I know if my application has been successful?

1.5 How often should I contact you for updates?

2. Contract

2.1 Who is on the rental contract?

2.2 How long do I sign a contract for?

2.3 What is included in the price?

2.4 Pets, smoking, what is allowed?

2.5 Do I have to clean the apartment when I leave?

2.6 Is subletting allowed?

3. Apartments

3.1 Can I register and do I receive the contract document?

3.2 Do the apartments come with bed linen and towels?

3.3 Do the apartments come with kitchen equipment?

3.4 Is Internet provided and what is the speed?

3.5 Can I add my own furniture and remove what I don´t need?

4. Payments and Costs

4.1 When do I pay rent and where to?

4.2 How much is the deposit and when do I pay?

4.3 How long after moving out will we recieve the deposit back?

4.4 Proof of funds, how much do I need in the bank to rent the apartment?

5. Utilities

5.1 Insurance