FAQ for Owners

We try to answer the most frequently asked questions on this page, and we will be constantly updating the list. Should you not find what you are looking for on here, let us know!

Please note that the answers provided here are not a legally binding addendum to your management agreement – we try to provide general information. For specfic questions regarding your individual unit, contact us directly.


The requirements are detailed under the Owners Services section. The more supplier contracts, direct debits and online access in place, the easier for everyone. Depending on how you want to rent our your particular unit, the apartment will need supplier contracts for electricity, gas and internet - all of which are paid via direct debit. Your monthly condominium fee to house management can be paid via direct debit, too. We also require an inventory list, keys for the viewings, and, most importantly, a POA.
POA stands for Power of Attourney and is the one document that any all and developers, banks, tax offices, electricity providers and house management companies universally accept when we want to speak to them on your behalf. Without this document available as a paper original we will not be able to carry out many of the day to day tasks, as suppliers simply will not speak to us.
Of course - wherever required we make contact with the individual supplier. Wether that is your house management company in order to arrange a maintenance appointment, an internet provider to help a tenant with a faulty connection, or the facility manager to change the names on the buzzer - as long we have the POA from you, we communicate on your behalf.
No, once your apartment is rented, the names on the mailbox and buzzer will be changed and we do not offer a mail service. Please ensure that your post is being redirected and you have online access to all relevant information. If you need help with that, let us know.
No, but we provide you with the invoices and documentation your tax advisor needs. If you require consultation and you are looking for a tax advisor, please get in touch and we will arrange contact with one of our partners.

Finding Tenants

We advertise your apartment on our website under berlin99.com/#offers, as well as within its individual district page. Our partnerships with several other major platforms enable us to further expand the search radius - if needed.
Only if you choose so - we advise in detail on the best strategy for your place, so most of the time that will not be necessary. But if finding a suitable tenant is proving difficult, we can help you with additional marketing through other providers and find you the best deals.
We request an official ID document, our in-house tenant information form as well as proof of funds. Working with international clients requires a degree of flexibility, that means we want to see that an applicant is able to comfortably pay for the apartment throughout the duration of their tenancy. Where possible, we also ask for landlord references and ultimately we always conduct an interview, either in the office or during a viewing.
We understand that some owners have a more personal interest in their apartment than others, but ultimately our job as an agency is to find you a reliable tenant who pays on time and respects the apartment - on your behalf. So unless you absolutely insist, you will not meet them in person, although we certainly don´t object if you are in town and the tenant is free to meet you.
Of course, although you can trust us to only propose applicants who we deem suitable and absolutely worth putting forward - so realistically that will not be necessary.

The Tenancy

No, with the management contract and the Power Of Attourney you give us, we are allowed to act on your behalf and as such will sign the contract and handover protocols. You will receive a link to each scanned document for your records.
Our in-house team allows us to respond to maintenance queries quickly and efficiently. If we need additional help, we reach out to one of our trusted partners in order to ensure that any job will be carried out with due diligence.
Our rental agreements contain a small repairs clause of up to 100€ under which tenants are responsible for smaller maintenance jobs. If a job falls within that range, we will carry it out and deduct from the monthly rent. Anything beyond that we will of course discuss with you and provide a quote.
The German law does not allow such visits without a legitimate reason, so we are not able to conduct annual inspections. But of course during any handover we inspect the apartment and thoroughly document any potential issues.
Unless a tenant specifically asks us to keep a key, we are not allowed to, as a tenant has the right to possess all existing keys. We do however offer this to tenants, and a lot of our international clientel are inclined to leave one set with us.


Unless otherwise agreed, we ask for a deposit equal to one monthly rent. If your apartment is very high spec or a tenant wants to bring a pet, we of course ask for more - all within the legal maximum of three net cold rents.
Every tenant´s deposit, for the duration of his or her tenancy, is kept in a dedicated and separate trust account with DKB.
We run transfers every Friday, so whenever we receive the rent, we will pay you within 5 working days.
Working with international clients has taught us the importance of employing both the German legal procedure, as well as a more proactive international approach. That means we send out the written warning letters as well picking up the phone.
Absolutely. You will receive a link to an online folder where your monthly statements will show up.


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