Kurfürstenstraße 137

Kitchen, Living room, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Balconies, 2 Bathrooms, Storage Room - 110m²

Available January 1st

2495 €

About this district

Schöneberg is located between Steglitz in the south, Tempelhof and Kreuzberg in the east, Tiergarten in the north and Wilmersdorf and Charlottenburg in the west. It is part of the administrative district Tempelhof-Schöneberg and is considered a middle-class district with good living conditions and recreational areas. The colorful juxtaposition of scenes, neighbourhoods, projects, initiatives and, not least, the residents reflect something that is commonly referred to as a “dazzling” residential district. There are quiet and green parks, family cafés, playgrounds and 24-hour late-shops for a beer in the evening. In your free time, you can visit galleries or get enchanted in a chic cocktail bar. There’s a bit of everything.

Thanks to its central location and excellent infrastructure with five underground lines, three suburban train lines and many bus lines, you can get to every corner of the city or to the countryside very quick. The streets are lined with restaurants, bars and shops and in the nearby and extensive Gleisdreickpark you can walk your dog, relax or play beach volleyball. Many buildings around the park have been renovated, refurbished and modernized, so that there are many exclusive apartments available.

Life and living in Schöneberg has always attracted artists, and when you listen to the list ranging from Marlene Dietrich to the Comedian Harmonists and David Bowie, many people who have had an equally lasting influence on this part of town are forgotten. But it is not only these personalities who have brought worldwide fame, but also the Rathaus Schöneberg. It is the place where J.F. Kennedy said his famous line, “Ich bin ein Berliner.”
The Berlin99 tip: the Double Eye in the Akazienstraße – it’s worth waiting for a coffee here.

BER Airport:
25 minute drive or 60 minutes by public transport

Hauptbahnhof Station:
10 minute drive or 20 minutes by public transport

Potsdamer Platz:
10 minute drive or 10 minutes by public transport

East Side Gallery:
20 minute drive or 30 minutes by public transport