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Richardstrasse 63

2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom


1000 €

Photos are from a similar apartment in the same building. Currently there are two of these apartm...

Berthelsdorfer Straße 10, RSF4R

2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, 45m²

available now

1000 €

This beautifully renovated and modernised apartment is available is available now -  the photos a...

KODA – 16

1 room, kitchen, bathroom, 25m²

available now

650 €

Registration is provided and required. Facilities • Lift • Camera and speaking function for ...

About this district

Neukölln is the home of Berlin99 and where we started furnished apartments. Situated to the south
east of the city it offers good access into to the city and Schönefeld airport. Berlin99 is proud of coming to
the area back in 2010 and seeing it develop into one of Berlins most sought after international hang
The areas’ main shopping streets are located around Karl Marx Street, Sonnenallee and Hermannstrasse,
offering a wide range of Turkish and Arabic flavours. In fact, around 20% of the population is made up
of middle east origin. Along with neighbouring Kreuzberg it has given the area some of the finest and
most diverse food and culture available in Berlin.
Due to the recent influx of people from all over the world, other areas in Neukölln have flourished
such as the streets of Weserstrasse and Pannierstrasse, seeing many new cafes, bars and galleries. This area has been renamed Kreuzkölln. One of the highlights of the year in the area is
Neukölln 48 hours. All the musicians and artists open their doors and show their work. Events like
this have made the area a must for many people looking to settle down in one of our apartments.
If you prefer the quieter life you can head to Richardplatz, which dates back to the 17th century. The area has the feel of a traditional German village with some fantastic German food and beer. It also hosts a beautiful entertaining Christmas market.
Neukölln has a special place in Berlin99´s heart and we will hope to always call this home!

Tegel Airport:
30 minute drive or 45 minutes by public transport

Schönefeld Airport:
20 minute drive or 35 minutes by public transport

Hauptbahnhof Station:
25 minute drive or 35 minutes by public transport

Potsdamer Platz:
20 minute drive or 30 minutes by public transport

East Side Gallery:
15 minute drive or 35 minutes by public transport