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About this district

The Berlin99 apartment hotspot and probably the most popular area among international people looking for furnished apartments in Berlin.
West Kreuzberg makes up the areas around Mehringdamm, the vibrant Bergmann-Kiez and Viktoria Park. The area offers a colourful range of culinary opportunities and is now regarded as a highly desirable living area with many families from all parts of the world.
The area between Kottbusser Tor and Schlesisches Tor is traditionally home to many artists, musicians, squatters and migrants. The vast amount of abandoned buildings in the area made it a perfect base for the punks and squatters to air their views. They provided the anti-establishment movement in the 70’s and 80’s with a heavy influence towards the punk scene, often frequenting famous hang outs such as SO36. This area around Orianienstrasse offers the yearly May Day festival, bringing together an array of cultures and religions and all walks of life. The first of May also signifies the opening of Spring and Summer. The feeling of relief as many Berliners come out of hibernation!
In recent years the late-night bars and clubs and lack of commercial activity make it a perfect spot for the new form of X-berger `the hipster´. They have created the new vibe of the café tech culture. The hipster’s favorite form of food may be the burger with hang outs such as Burgermeister in Schlesisches Tor, but it is the Turkish guest workers who arrived in the 1960’s we have to thank. Their presence has helped shape the culinary skills of Berlin as well as bringing us the famous `Döner´. You will be hard pushed to find a better Döner anywhere in the world. The famous Hasir restaurant near Kottbusser Tor started a trend in the area and has now become one of the most recognizable eateries in Berlin. The other must is the Mustafa’s on Mehringdamm. It is potentially the most popular Doner spot in Berlin with queues never less then 50 meters day and night!
Wherever you decide to rent an apartment, Kreuzberg offers something for everyone and gives you a great insight into the life of a Berliner!

Tegel Airport:
25 minute drive or 45 minutes by public transport

Schönefeld Airport:
35 minute drive or 50 minutes by public transport

Hauptbahnhof Station:
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Potsdamer Platz:
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East Side Gallery:
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