Bödikerstraße 8

bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, 50m²

available April 13th

1100 €

This cozy 2-room apartment is available for rent in popular Friedrichshain. The apartment is l...

About this district

Once you head over Warschauer Brücke from Kreuzberg you come to the district of Friedrichshain
situated in the former east between Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg. The area offers great transport
links to all over the city. It also benefits from having the tram which is a creation of the former east.
Nevertheless, for many in this area the bicycle is the chosen form of transport. Friedrichshain and
most of Berlin´s flat and wide streets offer cyclists the quickest way to move around the city.
The area came under massive attack during the War and this is evident today with many buildings
still having bullet holes in the wall. Once the wall came down the area like many other eastern areas
became popular with those from the west seeking cheap accommodation. This was easy to see why
as the vast amount of abandoned buildings in the area made it a perfect base for many young
alternative Berliners.
Nowadays the area has undergone massive gentrification with many of the big media companies
having a base here hence adopting the name ´Mediaspree´. The area has so many bars and cafes
there is almost no need to venture out. The streets around Simon-Dach- Strasse and Boxhagener Platz
symbolize this and as many locals will tell you, there is never a dull moment!
For those seeking a relaxing Sunday stroll or indulging in sports activity, the Volkspark Friedrichshain
offers the perfect excuse. Situated very centrally it provides the locals with some well needed escape
from the daily routine.

Tegel Airport:
30 minute drive or 45 minutes by public transport

Schönefeld Airport:
30 minute drive or 45 minutes by public transport

Hauptbahnhof Station:
20 minute drive or 20 minutes by public transport

Potsdamer Platz:
15 minute drive or 25 minutes by public transport

East Side Gallery:
1 minute drive or 1 minute by public transport